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Burnett & Gladstone Drilling currently specialises in coal, coal seam gas exploration & mineral exploration services with proven track record and performances throughout the Bowen, Surat Basin and Galilee Basin. Supervisors and drillers offer diverse expertise and broad industry experience to provide drilling services to our clients including but not limited to Diamond Core, Conventional Core, Down Hole Hammer and Rotary Mud or Air, from administration to site rehab. Whilst we offer reliable equipment and experienced well trained staff we are able to adapt our operations and drilling services to meet any specialised needs you may have.

Routine maintenance is conducted on all Burnett & Gladstone Drilling plant and equipment with maintenance tasks being considered a priority to ensure that our equipment is in good working order and fit for purpose. Maintenance schedules and registers have been developed and implemented to record every item owned by Burnett & Gladstone Drilling and also to hold relevant documents on site.

Records for all plant and equipment servicing, inspections and maintenance are kept on site in order to comply with legislation, provide information to employees about our equipment and also to accurately log all maintenance history. Our drilling rigs and support equipment are purposely set up to improve safety systems, meet operational performance indicators and increase hours spent on drilling metres for our clients.

With drilling operations being the core of Burnett & Gladstone Drilling and the services we provide, our dedicated professionals will remain extremely focussed on achieving and delivering complete outcomes to clients on every drilling project that we undertake.